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3/26/17 :: Accepted into a graduate nursing program. Will be simultaneously earning masters and doctoral degrees as a family nurse practitioner.

1/15/16 :: Happily working as a cardiac PCU nurse, working on small artistic projects.

9/16/15 :: Graduated with a BSN, obtained RN license.

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Welcome to the digital portfolio of Sarah Sakala, BSN, RN. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Rochester Institute of Technology with a bachelors in illustration in 2007, and again in 2015 with a bachelors in nursing from the University of Central Florida.

I currently work full-time as a nurse. For fun I fold origami, keep various fish tanks, raise boas and ball pythons, and train for therapy service with my rescued greyhounds. I am happily married as of October 2016, and have been accepted into an excellent graduate school to complete a doctoral degree in nursing.
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